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DSO Z3RO advances to FOURTH ROUND at MLG Orlando Pro-Circuit Event

Posted 04-17-2010 at 03:37 PM by hot chief DSO
Updated 04-22-2010 at 01:04 PM by hot chief DSO
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DSO Z3RO Results: Orlando Pro-Circuit

by hot chief DSO

DSO Ace led DSO team Z3RO* into battle in Orlando.

DSO Z3RO picked up three free agents when regular team players were unable to attend the Orlando event.

DSO Ace, along with FAs Crimson, Gator and Tummy advanced out of the first round in the winners bracket on a bye.

The team then lost in the second round of the winners bracket, advanced through the third round (losers bracket) by defeating 63rd ranked team, Vantage Point.

In the fourth round, Ace and his team faced off against 31st seed Krakins Squad. The first game, team slayer on The Pit, team Z3RO was leading for most of the game but narrowly gave up the lead near the end after a distracting and unsportsmanlike scream from the opposing team.

Losing the second game of 5-flag on heretic was heartbreaking, as the team was then eliminated. Presently, the team is ranked 64th, but its final standing remains to be seen as MLG is tabulating all the teams' ranks.

This was an excellent result for the first-ever event together for this team who had only played together previously online on Xbox LIVE. This was FA Tummy's first national event.

Congratulations, Ace, Crimson, Gator, Tummy and coach Wicked Fate ON making it to the FOURTH ROUND!!

Team captain DSO Ace aka AceX is looking forward to the next Pro-circuit competition in Columbus, Ohio.

You can view the bracket here:

*(previously scheduled to be DSO AceX)
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